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tsoula said: I just wanted to say; I love your blog. All the pictures show the real beauty of the human body.
I'm not the type, that likes to look at naked people, but this isn't so.. Vulgar. If you catch my drift. It's more classy, and has taste. (:

Thank you for your compliments, I try to collect those photos which reflect the pure essence of the Beauty what dwells in every human being. I know it’s an old cliché but I believe that the true beauty on the outside can only be nourished from inside. I’ve been studying nude photos for many years and to find those “hidden pearls” has become more and more difficult, sometimes I find only one in hundreds which captures that genuine moment what - as I put it from the man’s perspective - makes you want to make love with the Woman not just fuck her. I think, in fact, this distinguishes a good artistic nude photo from a porn photo.

I’ve read what you wrote about yourself on your tumblr and I can only encourage you to keep going because you are on the right path. Per aspera ad astra… ;)

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